Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At the Beach...

I'm in Florida this week enjoying a vacation with my family :)
Upon my return to Chicago I'll be refreshed reenergized and bursting with ideas and creativity. I've snapped a few photos of goodies that I found on or around the beach. Hope everyone finds them beautiful and inspiring.

I love the peach color!
piece of sandollar and strange spongy sand tubes

underside of dead crab with a beautiful shell

curious amalgamation of tiny shells

Deer Lake Landscape, a beautiful and secluded beach and state park

I'll post again soon about my vacation adventures if I can pick up another wireless signal.


duckduck said...

these are really lovely photos. the tube of tiny shells is a worm-home, I think.
there are freshwater versions called caddis flies. we used to pull them out of streams and torment them when I was little...


knitsteel said...

Gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing them.