Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Days and Summer Flowers...

The Fourth of July turned out to be a rainy day in Indy but it was still really nice to visit home. Luckily Sunday turned out to be a nice day and as usual I walked around my moms garden and took some photos of her beautiful flowers.
We got to ride our bikes down to Broadripple and eat a delicious meal outside in the sun at the Brewpub. On our way home we stopped by the Indianapolis Art Center and walked around the lovely grounds. There was a really cool installation of woven spheres placed in trees and hidden in the gardens.

And lastly, I just finished these fun and super wearable bejeweled drop earrings and added them to my etsy shop...they're available here and here and also at Fleur
Stay tuned for more rich summer colors in these gemstone drop earrings!


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kate said...

I always love perusing your blog. :)

It looks like you guys had a great time....I have a question, do you remember the artist who did the woven spheres? When I was home, I went to our art museum in Montgomery and there was an artist who did this crazy awesome structures:

They should be the first image on the main website. I thought of you when I saw them.

ALSO! Do you remember the names of the flowers that you took at your mom's place? Especially the last one? It sort of looks like a snapdragon, but I can't tell. Anyways, I miss you! I hope to see you soon, lady!