Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall is on it's way

The air is feeling crisp and cool (at least here in the city) so we've been keeping the windows open to let in the fresh's been nice! Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I think this is mostly due to the lovely falls in Bloomington, IN where I lived for 5 years...and because of the great holidays during fall! I should get some warm colored mums for the back porch and make some yummy banana bread or chili to mark the coming of the season. Since it is the midwest I'm pretty sure that a few summer days will sneak their way in before they're totally gone and I won't complain :)

I'm still busy preparing for Renegade and have a few new pieces to share. They're all available in my etsy shop... and hurry there's only a few days left for my big sale!

I've also been keeping my hands busy with embroidering. I find it to be a pretty relaxing activity and a nice break from the sawing, filing, sanding, etc. of metalsmithing. Here's a few cards I now I need to write some friends little note!

Hope everyone is have a lovely saturday!
'til next time


t. said...

Your jewelry is lovely! My favorite is the peony necklace with a pearl in the center.

t @ Now Craving

Quilt Works said...

I love your style! I bookmarked your Etsy store... my birthday is coming up soon, this looks like a good way to treat myself :-)

I would also like to invite you to join my giveaway

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Moira K. Lime said...

thank you both! and happy early birthday Quilt Works!