Friday, November 13, 2009

Cocktail Rings and More!

I've been one busy bee this last week...creating new pieces, making multiples of my bestsellers and filling online and store orders! I am almost officially self employed (scary and exciting) but if things keep going the way they are going everything should be great! Thanks to all of my supportive family friends and customers! Here's some photos of a few new pieces that I will have at my upcoming shows (listed on the sidebar page). I will also try to get these up in my online shop by next week.

Linked Petal and Pearl Necklace

Linked Petal and Iolite Necklace

Petal Bangles

Double Petal and Ruby Drops

Some new larger scale cocktail rings I'm super excited about! More on the way soon!

I found this great dried out pod today while I was walking the dogs...I just love the shape and texture of it! Filing it away for inspiration :)
Got my 50 free tickets to One of A Kind yesterday so if you'd like to call dibs on a few of them let me know and I'll get them to you!

I also have a wonderful new store in Oak Park that is carrying a selection of my work. I absolutely adore Botanica! A quaint and lovely boutique that I am excited to have my work at!. If you get a chance to visit you'll see what I mean as soon as you step foot in the door.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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