Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Featured item and ANOTHER Giveaway!

A brand new website, Thoughtful Guy.com, helps men find the right gift for the women in their lives. I had the pleasure of meeting John and Kim the masterminds behind this great site and can't wait for it to take off! Good luck Thoughtful Guy!. And all you guys out there go and sign up!

"Thoughtfulguy.com helps you remember important occasions for every special woman in your life (not just your wife or girlfriend, but your mother, daughter and Aunt Margaret too).

Thoughtfulguy.com combines smooth Internet technology with your insight and our gift-loving female experts to bring you perfect gifts on time. Every time.

Thoughtful guys have more fun.
Be thoughtful. Be her hero today!"

As an extra bonus this morning I was told that my Gardenia Ring is the featured gift of the day!

On another exciting note...are all you blog readers ready for another giveaway?! Moira K. Lime Jewelry will be featured on EtsyStalker.com on January 25th with an interview and a giveaway. I can't spill the beans on what exactly I'll be giving away but it's been part of my collection for a long time and one of my all time favorites! Make sure to swing on over to Etsy Stalker for your chance to win some jewelry and learn a little more about me and my biz!

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John Erickson said...

My favorite blog yet!