Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Directions...

Thanks to Tara Gentile's (from Scoutiegirl) new e-book 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion I have been motivated to make some changes to this inter-web space that I currently use as a sketchbook and journal for my business.

Yesterday I spent some time reorganizing the lay out of my blog...simplifying, rearranging and adding some important links at the top of the page...shop, press and giveaways (and soon to be added...contact and about Moira K. Lime Jewelry).

Along with changing the look of my blog I'm also changing up the contents of my blog. Don't fret, I'm still going to be blogging about my usual inspirations and jewelry but I'll be adding in some extra fun content, like Swooning on Saturdays, Artist Feature of the month and some new exciting contests just to name a few. By doing all of this I'm hoping to get my readers, supporters, customers and galleries more connected and involved in me and my company (and to have a better organized blog).

I'd love to hear what all of you like/dislike about my blog and what I could focus more on or cut back on! Any comments or suggestions would be great! After all, I mostly share on this space for all of you!

Check back tomorrow for the start of the improved Moira K. Lime Jewelry Blog!


tara - scoutie girl said...

hi katie! it sounds like your "new direction" will be a great addition to your blog & brand. kudos to you & best of luck in the process!

Katie Lime said...

Thanks Tara! Your e-book was helpful and inspirational!