Sunday, March 28, 2010

From the studio...

I picked up some flowers from Fleur earlier this week and they're making me quite anxious for spring!

feverfew flowers

I'm thinking of changing up my product styling for my photographs (I've seen too many people using the green mossy rocks these days). So lately I've been playing around with some new photo styles. I'm really liking the texture of this canvas and the neutral color...I think it makes the silver really pop and the viewer focus on the details of the jewelry instead of the background (I might try some other shades of neutrals as well.

(new mini pod dangles...will be available in my shop soon)

Would love any opinions on the new photo style!


Limetime13 said...

Like the new photo style. It's also interesting to see "off the corner and into the unfocused blackness".

Fleur said...

Love the new photo style. And those little mums are too much, I can't stand it!

julialifeisart said...

I like the simplicity of the canvas, but I was seriously digging the green moss too (although I'm not as immersed in the jewelry world to know what's overdone). Either way, your jewelry is so beautiful!!!