Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A weekend in Evanston

A special thanks is owed to my momma! She came up from Indy for the weeknd and helped me hold my tent down on Sunday...all would have been lost to the wind without her help! Love you ma!

I have mixed feelings about the Fountain Square Art Festival this past weekend. Saturday was great...the weather was beautiful, the crowd was steady and people were buying. Sunday on the other hand was a total disaster...terrible storms in the morning, crazy crazy wind gusts throughout the day (two of my neighbors lost their tents and mine was close to following a few times), minimal traffic and not many buyers. I'm actually quite confused about the difference between the crowd in those two days. The actual show was organized very well (load in and out was pretty easy for me) and there were some great vendors there. Here's a few artists that really caught my eye.

handcrafted clothing from "found" materials

Womens sundress made from mens recycled shirts - Shirtback Dress III

Summer Dress made from recycled men's dress shirts - Shirtback Dress I

metalsmith/jewelry design

botanical constructions


wells street art festival photo 3 wells street art festival photo 4 wells street art festival photo 2 wells street art festival photo 4

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