Friday, June 17, 2011

As promised, here's a little write up from my weekend in NYC...

I flew in on Friday night and settled in to my friend Nina's lovely condo by Battery Park. On Saturday morning me, my bro and Nina headed over to Brooklyn to set up for the big weekend. The weather looked very ominous right from the start and low and behold it rained almost the whole day. But despite the damp weather people were out and about and buying. In my brother's words "us New Yorkers are a tough breed. A little rain won't keep us inside" :)

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day and it was busy busy busy! I met so many CUTE dogs and many wonderful people.
Isley, the sweetest little dog shopper

Thanks to everyone who came out to visit my booth at Renegade Brooklyn and support the handmade movement! You're all wonderful and I couldn't be doing what I'm doing with out your support! A big thank you also needs to go out to my bro and Nina. Thanks for your all your help this past weekend and most importantly thanks for your company, love and friendship!

I had one extra day in town after the show and spent most of the day at Central Park. I am so amazed by this expanse of green space plopped down right in the center of a bustling city. It's wonderful that this park has been preserved since 1873. If I lived in NYC I would definitely visit there often. Most of the photos below are of Renegade Brooklyn or Central Park.


jony said...

Katie, This is from the other person who reads your blog - besides your Mom! It was great meeting you. I had to tell you that my new DIL loved the earrings and I got lots of compliments on the pendant. The best comment came from the male senior citizen who checks the receipts/purchases at Costco when you exit the store. He said "Wow, what a beautiful necklace." It really made me smile and I wanted to pass the smile along. Thanks!!!! Jo

Katie Lime said...

Hi Jony! So glad you came by my booth at Renegade :) It was fun chatting with you! I definitely had a big grin on my face after reading your comment...thanks for passing it along. Best!