Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back home again in Indiana...

I came back to Indy this past weekend for the Carmel International Arts Festival. It's such a lovely show. Just the right size and in a community that's very supportive of the arts.

The first day was great. The weather was a little iffy all day but ended up holding out for us.
Unfortunately the second day was a wash out and they ended up closing the show early because of impending severe weather.

Here's some pics from the show
Set up at the Carmel International Arts Festival

My booth set up

Me in my booth

Me and Mom (well mostly mom)

The second day was a wash out

The second day was a wash out

I'm still at home hanging with my ma for a few days and relaxing. I'll be back in Chicago tomorrow afternoon and back in the studio to work on all my orders and get started on my holiday inventory. Someone at the show reminded me that Christmas Eve was less then three months a way! Now that's a scary thought!

On a different note, Eric and I got excited about the cooler fall weather and impulsively bought the dogs some cute new vests for the coming cold weather. I think they'll like being extra warm and cozy and of course looking extra adorable.
The doggies got vests


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