Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last Days of Summer

The days have been hot but sadly shorter. Yesterday, before making it to my bench to grind out some jewelry Eric and I went to the beach for a few hours to soak up some of the lingering summer sun.

(we're enjoying this lovely part of the city as much as we can before it gets too cold)

Fullerton Ave. Beach Set

Fullerton Ave. Beach

Fullerton Ave. Beach

Fullerton Ave. Beach

Fullerton Ave. Beach

Check out what I found while thrifting last week...
C360_2011-09-02 12-45-29

C360_2011-09-02 12-45-10

in mint condition for only 8 bucks! I just ordered some film and now I'm waiting on the special batteries to get here in the mail. I'm so very excited to take pictures with this!

and here's what's on my bench this morning...
lots of pieces waiting to be soldered together.
C360_2011-09-03 10-09-07

and some pretty sapphires, iolite and aquamarine waiting to be set
C360_2011-09-03 10-09-31

Have a wonderful weekend!

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