Friday, March 30, 2012

This and that...

A few days ago I went out and practiced taking photos with my new lens (50mm f 1.8).  I'm still getting used to it and learning the proper distance that I should be from my subject (since it's a fixed lens) but I'm very much starting to fall in love with it!  A few practice shots below...

my sweet Addie Pooh

My handsome Charger

tulips and day lilies are blooming all over the neighborhood

classic Chicago flat

In jewelry news...I've added a few more mini garden rings to the online shop.

Mini Mum Blossom Ring
available here for $50.00

Set of Three Mini Garden Stackers
available here and here for $150.00

It's a gray and rainy day here in the city and I'm going to spend it drinking tea, working on orders in the studio and later tonight reading and snuggling with my pooches.

Happy Friday!
p.s. where did this week go?

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