Friday, May 25, 2012

In looking back through my last few blog posts and shop updates a few things have become pretty apparent: 
I'm digging the pressed plant jewelry at the moment.
I'm still obsessed with Sapphires.
I have a renewed love for Chrysoprase (and all things green).

Making the new pressed plant jewelry is super fun and it gives me a nice break from my jewelers saw.  I also get to collect lots of pretty natural treasures on my daily walks with the dogs and I've found that I'm noticing more and more beauty in all the things around me.  Like weeds in the alley, textures on leaves and patterns that groupings of flowers and leaves create against the sky.  

This is why I create the naturally influenced jewelry that I that everyone can be more in tune with the beauty in their surroundings and wear a little piece of it that reminds them to see something new and beautiful every day.

Summer Weed and Faceted Chrysoprase Ring
available here

Fern Necklace with linked chrysoprase
available here

Happy Friday!  Hope you all have a lovely memorial day weekend!

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