Wednesday, June 25, 2008

While reading through the August 2008 issue of American Craft I came across an article about ten emerging artists entitled "The Courage to Create". As an artist I found that I could very much relate to the introduction of this article and would like to share it with everyone.

"Being an artist takes fortitude. It requires you to leave the comfort of the 9 to 5 working world and journey into the unknown. It's often a lonely profession with hours spent in solitude at the workbench. And, especially in the early years of one's career, there is plenty of rejection. It takes passion and drive to transform oneself into a professional artist, and many who try never "make it." That's what makes the stories of those who do succeed so compelling."

One of the artists mentioned in the article that caught my attention was glass artist and sculptor Zac Gorell. The sculptures are very fluid and organic and almost seem to be strange and beautiful prehistoric creatures coming to life.

Emerge by Zac Gorell

Good Luck to all the emerging artists out there. I'm right there with you and all we can do is try our hardest, keep creating as best we can and be persistent. We will be noticed and successful!
Happy Wed!

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