Monday, May 3, 2010

Art in the park and more...

Some new pieces I made for my show

Elmhurst Art in the park was a lovely show on the grounds of Wilder Park nestled in between the Art Museum and the Public Library. The weather was supposed to be storms all weekend but it ended up holding out (but that did not stop my restless sleep and bad dreams Saturday night...I dreamt that it was so windy my tent blew up in the air and across town). All and all it was a fun and successful show! Thanks to everyone who came out to visit and to all the new faces!

My outdoor booth still needs some work. In time hopefully I can get it to look how I want.

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stacey said...

i like the earrings in the 2nd pic

Katie Lime said...

Thanks Stacey! I really like those earrings too!