Friday, February 25, 2011

BMAC Friends...

I met so many wonderful and talented jewelers in Philly that I hope to see at other shows in the future and I wanted to share some of their work with all of you.

Jennifer from Yummy and Company makes lovely and intricate polymer clay jewelry. She has a refined touch with the polymer and such a sophisticated color palette!

check out her Etsy Shop here

Kanchana from Isara Designs makes Wabi Sabi inspired argentium silver jewelry with freshwater pearl accents. Kanchan believes that "pearls represent femininity and individuality in each of us."

In March you can find her at a few shows down south in AL and FL. Check out her show schedule here.

Allison from Tigerlilly Shop makes preserved and pressed botanical jewelry from silver and copper. I am so drawn to her naturally inspired work!

Pressed Hydrangea Petals, Preserved Nature Earrings

Hydrangea Petal Ring, Brass Peresrved Nature Jewelry
Check out how she quit her day job here

Check back tomorrow for post number two of my BMAC friends (I am out of time now and need to get started on production).


Kanchana Nerato said...

It was exciting and fun to do the BMAC show and be you neighbor too Katie/Eric :) I hope to see you again before next year BMAC show!
And thanks for mention me here:) I will have my post together soon as I get back home from the southern shows.

Katie Lime said...

Good luck at your shows Kanchana! Hope to see you again soon. Especially since we live pretty close to each other!