Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I went thrifting and scored an awesome mid century modern corner table from PhilCraft (out of Cincinnati, OH) and a few green bottles that got added to my vintage bottle collection in the kitchen.


I haven't found the perfect spot for my new table yet so for now it's resting in the front room by the window.


I also found this great little shelf in the alley outside my apartment (it's moving season here in Chicago...the best time to find treasures in the alleys). I put my new shelf in my studio where it is housing some tools, supplies and a few treasures. Perf!




I also potted a few plants and put them on my "balcony". For how small our outdoor living space is I'm pretty happy with how nice it looks this season.

The doggies really wanted to come out too. Aren't they cute!
can we come out too?

and now it's off to work in the studio. Lots of sawing and soldering to get done.

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