Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is gonna be a long one...

Lots of great things have happened in the last few days!
So here it goes:

Renegade Chicago was a blast! As usual it was a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful weather, friendly faces, awesome customers, good friends and fun, fun, fun! This has to be one of my favorite shows and it sort of marks the changing of the seasons here in the city (for me at least). It was such a busy weekend that I wasn't able to walk around at all to see any of the other artists or take many photos but I was able to snap a few quick shots.

quick booth shot

Eric taking pics of people at Renegade Chicago 2011

and Eric was walking around with the Polaroid 350 taking pictures of people (below are a few of the polaroids that he kept).

me writing orders in my booth
Me in my booth
busy busy busy
Renegade Chicago 2011
our friend Justin who just happened to have his polaroid camera with him
Justin with his Polaroid

Two (or three) Pitties in the City
*check out their blog http://pittiesincity.blogspot.com/ to see what they're doing for the Chicago PittBull community...so awesome!
Two (or three) Pitties in the City

Thank you to everyone who came out to see me at the show! I couldn't be doing what I'm doing without all of the love, support, kind words and encouragement from my wonderful customers, friends and family!

After a big show I normally take a few days off to recoup from the long days and the even longer days of prep work right before the show.

It worked out perfectly since Eric had Monday off as well! So we made our way downtown and leisurely strolled around with no plans snapping photos all day long (digital and polaroid), shopped a little and enjoyed a nice dinner at the HopLeaf.

THE POLAROIDS (digital coming later)

John Hancock
The Hancock
The Hancock and Water Tower
The Hancock and Water Tower
Faith the Carriage Horse (profile)
Faith the carriage horse

Faith The Carriage Horse
Faith the carriage horse
City Flower (with the Hancock in the background)

City Flower
City Flower

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan
View From the Top
View from the top

View From the Top no. 2
View from the top no. 2
View From the Top no. 3
View from the top no. 3

Today was lovely and relaxed with a little sleeping in and lounging around. Eric and I ventured out into our neighborhood with the dogs and had some more fun with the polaroid camera.

House on the Boulevard

Boulevard Roses

The Monument

Logan Square

Me and the Doggies at the Monument

Me and Eric double exposure

My Sweet Doggies

Me and Eric in the Alley
That's all for this evening. I'll be back tomorrow with a few more photos of the weekend.
Good night and sleep tight.

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