Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This is gonna be a long one part deux...

Here are the other photos from our adventures that I mentioned in my previous post (but go to sleepy to post last night).

Goose Island File Warehouse
Goose Island File Warehouse

Goose Island Boat Yard
Goose Island BoatYard

Yellow Boat Blue Wall
Yellow Boat Blue Wall

View from the 95th
From the 95th floor

I found a few more photos that I was able to snap quickly at Renegade


and I only have three Sapphire Rings left over from Renegade. They got gobbled up at the show which I couldn't be happier about! These last three are now available in my shop

Pastel Pink Popsicle Ring
available here
Pastel Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink and Green Sapphire Rings

Mini Rock Candy Ring
available here
Small Green Sapphire Ring

Golden Honey Sapphire Ring
available here
Green Sapphire and Gold Sapphire Rings

Golden Sapphire Ring

Don't fret! I'll be ordering more stones today so there will be plenty more sparkly gemstone rings for everyone!

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