Monday, November 23, 2009

A Great Show!

I had a wonderful time at the DIY Trunkshow! It was a great show put on by the Chicago Craft Mafia...a talented group of crafters, creators and business folk dedicated to supporting the handmade and the local. My booth neighbors were lovely and I can't wait to get my fingers on some of their handmade goodies!

give. eat. live. love. repeat.
check out Tartella's website here and etsy shop here

loved these recipe cards
and these tea towels

check out Safia Masri's website here and etsy shop here...

I had my eye on this Gerbera Necklace and when i went to buy it Sofia had sold them all! Yay!
(I placed an order) :)
I also love these Rosette Earrings...such a wonderful pattern and shade of blue

Hope everyone has wonderful Turkey Day!


Kyla said...

Just bought a necklace and earrings of yours from Poppy in Columbia, MO
Love it!

Moira K. Lime said...

I love Poppy...It's such a great store! I'm so happy that my jewelry is able to reach customers all the way in MO! Thanks so much!